Manufacturers of Upper Extremity Components for Persons with Hand Dysfunction and Amputation



QDPU03-0N2 N-Abler III™ W.H.O. Soft Brace with Quick Disconnect Palmer Unit

The N-Abler III ™ is a off the shelf W.H.O. equipped with a Quick Disconnect Palmer Unit. It is stocked in 4 sizes (Left & Right). Size #1 being Small, # 2 Medium Small, #3 Medium, and #4 Large. It acts as the platform accepting the N-Abler II™ or the N-Abler IV ™ allowing persons with hand dysfunction or partial hand amputation the opportunity to use any and all of the N-Abler™ custom tools and implements.


Material: W.H.O. – A fabric blend of 41% Mousse Polyurethane, 32% Cotton,

and 27% Polyamide. Manufacturer: Thuasne

QD Palmer Unit: Body – 7075 Aircraft Aluminum Anodized. 316 Stainless

Steel ball bearing, set screw and spring.

Weight: 32 Grams

Body Length: At Bottom 1 ¼” tapered at the rear at 45° to 11/16” at the Top.

The front face is at 90º.

Body Width: 1 ¼”