Manufacturers of Upper Extremity Components for Persons with Hand Dysfunction and Amputation



TCQDA01-0N2 Trans-Carpal Quick Disconnect Adapter

The TAD Trans-Carpal Quick Disconnect Adapter is designed to be laminated into the palm area of a custom W.H.O. leaving the Colette exposed. The adapter is bendable for custom shaping. Our Quick Disconnect Wrist Unit is then attached to the Trans-Carpal Quick Disconnect Adapter Colette. After proper Wrist orientation is achieved, the Wrist and Colette should be pined with a 1/8” V ¾” SS Roll Pin. This system is designed to accommodate persons with hand dysfunction or partial hand amputation


Material: 2024 Aluminum. 316 Stainless Colette screw.

Weight: 19 Grams

Length: 4”

Width: 1 1/8” in th middle tapering to 15/16” on both ends.

Coette Length: 5/8”

Colette Width: 9/16”

Attach Site: Custom Lamination for persons with hand dysfunction or partial

hand amputation.